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Here It Goes Again

It’s a Wednesday afternoon, and I’m sitting at my desk at work. No one around, nothing to really focus on, music playing in the background, sipping a now almost cold cup of coffee, and a million different things racing through my head. The usual scenario for the rare occasion I actually get to sit down while here.

There’s no way to truly, or easily, explain what the last year has been. It’s taken the last 6 weeks to really sit back and reflect on 2019, what the goals are for 2020, and get all of the things in line (or try to at least). Sometimes, life can really get the best of you, and juggling everything can be a wild journey in itself.

2019 brought a huge career change for me. With that change, 85% of my time (or more) is dedicated to working. Without having the true, consistent schedule I was used to, I haven’t had the time to focus on blogging as much as I was excited to and wanted to, much less focus on myself, or really anything else for that matter. Off days aren’t rest days, they’re “catch up” days. Weekdays are weekends. And it’s a continuous amount of “go, go, go.” All. The. Time. Any time I have off is spent with Chad, our dogs, our friends, hanging out, and mainly just reconnecting after being in such disconnect while working. Yes, I realize most of this comes with being an “adult”, but life is so much more than all of that. As 2020 has come around, I feel I’m learning to loosen up, recreate my own schedule and routine, and direct my focus back to what truly matters - what I, and we, are working toward building and creating for the long run. One of the personal, business and relationship goals Chad and I have discussed and agreed upon for this year is to continue and pursue the daysheet in all of the ways we hoped, planned and were aiming to do last year.

We thought 2018 was a wild ride, but 2019 really put us in our place, and 2020 has the potential of doing the same. There is so much more that we experienced in being alone, together, home, and afar, so much seen and felt in shows we attended, to shows Chad was playing, all of which needs to be shared; shared because it is all part of the reason we created the daysheet, and what motivates us.

This year we intend to share all the things we learned and were a part of last year, in the best ways we can, on top of sharing the experiences this year is also going to bring. And of course, for the main attraction, we’ll be discussing pro tips and tricks to attending shows, and giving all the inside scoop to what it’s truly like on the road – especially with 10 Years back on the recording train and touring this year.

So, all of this to say: Cheers to 2020!

We’re back on the front line, back on stage, right here with your pass, to discuss it all.

Let’s get ready to do what scares us. Do what makes us happy. Do what creates it all for the future.

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