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Days of the Week

What are “weekdays” anyway? What do we do on a Tuesday?

I, like most people, have spent the majority of my life living by what day of the week it is. Monday, time to go do the Monday things like go back to work after the weekend. Tuesday, is this really only Tuesday? Wednesday, ok we can do this. Thursday, we go out to lunch because we wish it was Friday. Friday! You’re here! And that means tomorrow is Saturday, so I can stay up late because I don’t have to wake up on time on Saturdays….except this Saturday I wanted to get some stuff done at the house so I really should wake up early. And now it’s Sunday, and that’s sad because tomorrow is Monday. Time to do it all again, right?

Wrong. Nowadays, the “day of the week” means so much less than the actual date. Sure, Tuesday shows are usually played to a smaller crowd, but when you’re on tour a Tuesday is the same as a Friday is the same as a Sunday. It’s Groundhog Day. The same thing, every day. But it’s this consistency that makes the shows that much better (…especially for that Tuesday crowd. They’re the true heroes in this!). But, what happens to the days of the week when you’re not on tour? What do you do on a Tuesday?

When you’re not on tour, you get to sort of sit separate from time. Life for everyone else still cycles through the Monday-Friday “work week” and the Saturday-Sunday “weekend”, and you get to feel the pulse of the city in a very different way. I’m sitting in a local coffee shop, K Brew in fact, and I see the hurriedness of the folks who have their regular day jobs, hoping to get their coffee fast enough to get back to work, the students rapidly working on their next assignments, and the other self-employed people who haven’t quit hustling since three years ago… It’s different. To sit back and notice how the energy moves around the room.

I feel like I’m stuck somewhere in between the self employed hustler and remembering the 9 to 5 (which was more like a 6-4:30). But, maybe that tone is wrong. Maybe stuck is the wrong word. I like this in between place. I’m happy to be in between. In between Tuesday and Wednesday. Sipping coffee, working on a blog, answering real estate emails, sending my clients new home ideas, planning the next social posts, remembering that one cool melody that needs to be in the next song, thinking of a new growth idea for my coffee business, attending that webinar, listening to that business podcast one more time to make sure I got it all, logging my miles, marking my expenses… and in a few hours, I’ll go pick up Erin from her day job so we can go do what we do on a Tuesday – plan, experience, collaborate, love…and make dinner, of course. I’m happy to be here, in this in between place. I’m more in charge of my life than ever, and I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. Happy Tuesday!

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