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Any World (That I'm Welcome To)

It’s 4am, and bus call is in 45 minutes... my backpack for the next six weeks is by the door, along with my pillow and blanket. I’m finished with breakfast and sipping some coffee before heading out the door - all I want in this moment is to have a few more minutes at home, but it’s time to leave. It almost feels like life for me has become leaving. But it’s time, and I know how to do this.

In 2018, I left my corporate engineering job to tour full time as the bassist for the rock band 10 Years. It was such a wild ride, and the disparity between the routine of an engineer’s day-to-day and what actually happens on the road was almost overwhelming. Since my first toy guitar, performing music on stage has been a dream, a goal...but now it is my reality. Walking on stage every night, playing someone’s favorite song, feeling the energy of the crowd surge when the lights hit my face... and all the traveling! I saw the US three times, western Canada, and even a bit of Europe and the UK! Whatever “it” is, I had made it.

At one of the shows on this wild ride, I got to meet someone who shook up everything I knew. I couldn’t take my eyes off her...something sparked somewhere, and I had to get to know this woman. I kept telling myself to go say hi, to go find her after signing things at the merch table, to make sure I didn’t have to leave this connection without understanding it a little better. But when it was time to head out, I couldn’t find her. Thanks to social media, though, she was able to find me...and we crashed into, around, and through each other in ways that I can’t explain. Over the next few months, we began to really build a life together...a life that still involved me leaving every night, tons of FaceTime and phone calls, and schedules and daysheets that didn’t mix well for being able to talk very long... but a life of being together, no matter where we are.

Since I’m touring a little less in 2019, I’ve had time to process a lot of what happened last year. New experiences, new beginnings, changing schedules, side hustles, entrepreneurship, keeping things together on the home front, taxes... all the things, really. Making “it” is both glamorous and terrifying at the same time. It’s everything I thought I wanted, and everything I never wanted. But I wouldn’t change a thing. This year, I want to share what it’s like to be on the road, to be backstage, to walk out and to feel the energy... to be broken down on the side of the road, to be searching for a shower... to be doing what I love for a job. I want to share my day-to-day. -Chad

It’s 2pm on a Sunday afternoon, and I’m sitting on the couch with the dogs, sipping a cup of coffee, coloring and listening to Black Sabbath “Heaven and Hell.” I’ve done as much as I can do around the house, and just need some time to sit and reflect. I try what I can to keep myself busy, but sometimes the sense of loneliness is powerful. I never truly understood the meaning of that word, and how much you can really miss someone, until this life.

Music has always been the biggest part of everything I am. I grew up singing, playing multiple instruments, and attending as many shows and concerts as I possibly could. Between the different genres, the different states, the different venues, the reason you go is always the same... to see your favorite songs performed, to feel the crowd, to spend time with others, to buy the merch, to try meeting and talking to the band... overall to have an incredible experience that you’ll remember and associate time and time again when you hear those songs.

But, sometimes life throws you a curveball and that incredible experience is one you really never thought would happen. At a free show in my hometown, seeing a band I’ve listened to for years, I met someone who has come to change everything I know. I waited in line at the merch table (as you do) to get pictures with the band and get things signed. I looked up and made an instant connection... the one people dream about, the one people see in movies... it happened. We took our picture, we continued noticing each other, but it was time to go and I couldn’t get back around to speak to him again. I knew there was something special there, and I had to find a way to talk to him. Through social media, I found him. I made a wild move, and here we are... almost a year later, building this life together that is too wonderful for words.

With as many shows as I’ve been to, I had always wondered what it was like behind the scenes. I’ve been able to experience way more than I ever imagined being in this life, and now a lot of those questions, and more, have been answered. I spend a lot more time than I’m used to alone, but I’m thankful that it’s given me the chance to reflect on the stress, the glamour, the loneliness, and the fun. With that reflection, I want to share what it’s like from my side to be backstage, in the crowd, side stage, sometimes on the road, and doing all of the things to keep the home front functioning. I want to share my day-to-day. -Erin

So, here we are and here it is. Our lives. Our story. Our views. Our experiences. A way for us to share with people in a way that applies to them personally. A look into the day-to-day of both sides of what makes the show happen.

We plan to share at least one blog post weekly on different topics that relate specifically to either the touring side or the crowd side: stories, struggles, secrets, tips, and more!

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Here’s your pass. See you on the other side!

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