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It’s Saturday, but not a normal Saturday. Today is leap day, so I feel like it’s a bonus chance to do something awesome. So, I’ve been up since 4am writing and rehearsing and improving my songs and my playing. It’s nice to have an extra chance to do this.

During my last week on the road back in January, the band got the green light from the label to make the new record. They’ve been out in LA making it happen, and I’ve been home in Knoxville eagerly waiting to hear some preliminary mixes, keeping up with practicing, and writing my own songs. This is simultaneously the not-so-cool part and the wow-that’s-really-cool part of being a touring member of a band: I’m at home while the record is being made, but I’m able to be with my family and make my own music during the process.

Speaking of family, Erin and I recently attended the Sturgill Simpson/Tyler Childers show here in Knoxville with her parents and a couple of our friends. It was definitely a few hours of duality for me. On the one hand, I’m sitting with friends and family, enjoying great music and company... and on the other, I’m watching a production similar to what I’ll be part of in the next few months. Songs were performed about being on the road, giving me feelings of excitement about being on the road again... but also heavily punctuating that I’ll be away from home for a while - missing my everything.

This is touring, though. It’s a challenge. A very personal challenge, on both sides of it: at home, and on the road. Making money, making sure everything is right. Making sure we both get to see each other every day, and know that we’re doing what’s best for us and our future.

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